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On the fields worldwide as...

 …we support and accompany organic and bidynamic agricultural projects. We offer consultancy services to stakeholders along the agricultural value chain in all the relevant processes of production, processing, and distribution of agricultural produce.

A strong focus lies on supporting our clients and partners to implement biodynamic production techniques and improve the sustainabilityof the agricultural production process.

Our consulting offers include developing and implementing training courses for clients and their employees. For many years mds has been carrying out project consultancy and project development worldwide. Extensive experience in the development of innovative project approaches and the application for funding distinguish mds.

Klaus Merckens
Managing Director - Agricultural Advisory

Klaus Merckens has over 40 years of experience in the field of biodynamic agriculture. As a farmer, agricultural advisor, project developer and project facilitator, he gained a lot of professional experience in different countries. His focus has always been on biodynamic agriculture with special focus on tropical crops in developing countries.

Klaus Merckens is a graduate engineer specialised in tropical crop production and has an MBA degree in Rural Development.

Further memberships:

  •  AWS Credentialed Specialist
  • Demeter Recognized Advisor
  • Agro Cultura Con Respeto, Board of Directors
  • ABDE Spain
  • ABDR Dominican Republic, Founding Member

Sophia Barriga
Project management

Sophia Barriga has many years of expecience in the development and implementation of international projects. At merckens devel

Sophia Barriga has many years of expecience in the development and implementation of international projects. At merckens development support, she is responsible for the application and coordination of projects funded by the ERASMUS+ programme of the EU and develoPPP projects funded by the BMZ.

Previously, she studied international relations in Dresden and agricultural economics at the University of Hohenheim.

She is a qualified EU fundraiser.

Laure-Anne Menke
Project Assistant

Laure-Anne Menke graduated in agronomy in France at the end of 2021. During her final internship, she came to merckens development support, where she learned about project management and biodynamic tropical agriculture. Enthusiastic about the work, she immediately joined as a project assistant.

Associated staff:

Aquilino Franco Rodriguez, Biodinamic Advisor

Esteban Acosta Perreira, Demeter Recognized Advisor

Eduardo Sanchez, Demeter Recognized Advisor

Francis Peralta, Project Assistant